Multidrive’s founder, David J. B. Brown CBE, established DJB Engineering, where he introduced a range of off-highway ADT’s (Articulated Dump Trucks). The sales success of these products led to four Queen’s Awards and a Design Council Award. DJB Engineering Ltd. was subsequently sold to Caterpillar Incorporated, who continue to manufacture the ADT at the DJB factory in Peterlee UK.


AWD Bedford 8×6 on operation in the UAE

In the early 1980’s David Brown turned his attention towards designing a vehicle with many of the attributes of the ADT but also compliant with road regulations, it is from here the Multidrive name was born.

A range of multi-wheel drive articulated vehicles were developed for the mining, construction, waste management, and defence industries.

British MoD purchased Multidrive Fuel Tankers to be deployed in support of Operation Desert Storm, the first Gulf War in 1990. Subsequently further batches of Multidrive tankers were ordered to support the NATO’s peacekeeping forces in Bosnia

In 1997 a purpose built, design and manufacturing centre was opened in Thirsk to continue the development of the Multidrive range of vehicles.

Foden Multidrive 1999-2000

Multidrive 20,000 litre tanker on exercise for the British MOD

From lessons learned over 30+ years of supplying articulated trucks haulers to World markets, Multidrive focused on design, development and manufacturing of a new range of military and civilian vehicles.

Multidrive have continued to supply vehicles to the British MoD, providing both fuel and water tankers with the multi-wheel drive system. These vehicle have seen service in the Balkans, the Gulf and Afghanistan in addition to supporting British armed forces in their bases in the UK and Germany.

AWD (Bedford) MTM 40-30 during trial at Aldershot Long Valley

AWD (Bedford) MTM 40-30 during trial at Aldershot Long Valley

Multi millions have been invested in the development of vehicles and equipment for the mining, construction, agricultural, forestry and industrial sectors.