Chassis Engineering

When embarking on the development of the ultimate highly mobile four-wheel drive truck, Multidrive’s group of talented engineers took a radical approach. With a clear vision of functionality, all preconceived ideas were put to one side and a fundamental reevaluation made.

Resulting from this process a wholly new configuration was developed resulting in a robust integrated body / box chassis with unique layout.


The traditional ladder frame chassis replaced by a torsional stiff spine, combined with a fully fabricated platform assembly.

The power unit is reconfigured into a module comprising engine, transmission and transfer box and mid mounted to one side of the spine. a module comprising the fuel tank, cooling pack and spare wheel is located at the opposite side.

Two identical independently suspended axles provide both drive and steering, giving a 4X4X4 configuration.

Without the front mounted engine space is available for a capacious three-person walk-through cab.

Setting new standards of mobility, the Multidrive 4X4X4 offers exceptional performance both off and on road.