Success Breed Success


For the past fifteen years the Multidrive Multi Load Ejector systems have been in ‘around the clock’ operation, conveying mining discard from coal handling or wash plants to colliery spoil heaps, for some of South Africa’s major mining companies.
A crucial benefit of the system is that the waste is conveyed horizontally out of the trailer. Such a method is now becoming mandatary, as on safety ground tipper trucks are no longer tolerated.
Another key benefit is that the load is controllably ejected while the unit is in motion, a uniform layer of discard is deposited along the “route”, eliminating the need for a grader or dozer to spread the material before it can be compacted.
Customers comment that this system has resulted in a lowering in capital expenditure and a significant increase in productivity and a reduction in operating cost.
Other contractors having seen the Multidrive MLE in operation are keen have their own. Multidrive is also discussing licensing the technology to other equipment manufacturers.