Driveline Conversion – Agriculture

Designed to drive and steer the trailer tandem of an articulated vehicle, the Multidrive Drive-Line Technology when used to convert a standard highway truck immensely improves its off road capability without inhibiting on road performance.
The system is idea for many types of Agricultural haulage, giving all the traction and manoeuvrability necessary to gain access to the infield.

Drive to the rear trailer tandem bogie is taken from a ‘through-drive’ axle on the rear of the tractor unit, by a drive shaft system, providing permanent all-wheel drive to semi-trailer, at constant velocity and at all speeds. The steering action of the tractor unit is transmitted to the trailer bogie through the drive shaft support system, pivoting the bogie on its turntable mounting this action maintains the constant velocity drive-line and enables the trailer to track closely with the tractor.

This system can be adapted to suit a wide range of vehicles.

The system provides:

  • Maximum Manoeuvrability
  • Minimum cut-in trailer follows in the tracks of the tractor unitli>
  • Maximum volumetric payload
  • Superb traction
  • Minimised soil compaction with CTIS (central tyre inflation)


  • The rear chassis unit pushes the tractor for optimum traction
  • The rear chassis has minimal cut in to reduce space needed on headland turns, narrow tracks and roads
  • Drive-line operates with constant velocity to eliminate vibrations and extend product life
  • The tractor stresses are reduced by the distribution of tractive forces into the rear chassis
  • The load length can be increased over rigid vehicles giving greatly increased cubic capacity
  • A tug trailer can be added with minimal cut in positively towed by the trailer drive axles
  • Retarder brakes operate on trailer as well as tractor through the drive-line


Reduced Field and Track damage due to:

  • Trailer follows in tractors tracks
  • Reduced wheel slip in poor under foot conditions and on grades
  • Central tyre inflation available

Higher output due to:

  • Ability to operate in more adverse weather and ground conditions
  • No need to double handle produce
  • Able to sustain maximum highway speeds

Lower Vehicle Operating Costs due to:

  • Reduced stress on tractor axles
  • Reduced stress on chassis
  • Longer tyre life with less wheel slip

The system has seen extensive use in Southern Africa, where its ability to travel over the ‘infield’ has eliminated the need to re handling agricultural produce. Hauling from the in-field directly to processing and storage not only saves cost but also reduces crop degradation.