Future Combat Vehicle


Multidrive Future Combat vehicle 4x4x4

The Future Combat Vehicle (FCV) 4x4x4 with all-wheel drive, with contra and crab steer is designed to meet challenges of the Worlds future military requirements.

This afforded a single vehicle type meeting three category of load requirements at excellent mobility capabilities for 6 tonne High Mobility (HM) and 9 tonne Intermediate Medium Mobility (IMM) classifications.

The addition of the 6 tonne Pulse Propulsion Trailer (PPT) addressed the 15 tonne Medium Mobility (MM) requirement.

The design brief included the following features:

  • Integrated signature reduction (Visual Acoustic Thermal Radar) technology
  • Full air portability in a C130 or lift by Chinook CH-47
  • Full reliability with proven sustainability
  • Available components

Advanced design configuration allows.

  • Easy repair and maintenance
  • Single vehicle feet type at 6, 9 and with the PPT 15tonne payload
  • Maximum use of standardised components

Designed-in accident cost reduction features

  • Robust integrated body/box chassis unique chassis layout
  • Modular cab
  • Stiff torsion box section spine with integral deck
  • Side mounted power train module
  • Side mounted module incorporating Air cleaner
  • Side mounted fuel tank and spare wheel assembly
  • Conventional Beam axles or Independent axle suspension system
  • 16.00R20 Wheel & Tyre equipment, (optional 24R21)
  • Central Tyre Inflation option Run flat insert option
  • Survivability Integrated Roll Over Protection system (ROPS)

Three steering modes:

  • Front wheel (Normal)
  • Contra (10,7M turning circle between kerbs)
  • Crab
  • 20% increase in gradeability

A smart trailer for the 21st Century – Future Cargo Vehicle fitted with Pulse Propulsion Trailer


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