Smart Pulse Trailer

Multidrive Smart Pulse Propulsion Trailer

Developed to complement the Future Combat Vehicle (FCV) the Smart Trailer doubles the capacity of the FCV. For instance, two x 20 ISO containers can be transported. The trailer is equivalent to another 6t MM vehicle @ 25% of its cost.

The trailer is highly mobile having independent suspension and central tyre Inflation (CTI).
The addition of the FCV winch option provides integrated load handling, enabling the load/unload of tractor and trailer without decoupling, a single man operation.


The trailer assists in agility, being equipped with a telescoping hydraulically extendable drawbar. The drawbar has a ‘Pulse’ system, with short or long strokes. Set on short stroke oscillation, it prevents the trailer getting stuck. If the prime mover loses traction, a ground anchor can be deployed and the drawbar extended up to 2.5 metres, for self-recovery.