Tank Transporter

Tank/Heavy Equipment Transporter

The Multidrive tank / equipment transporter is an ideal means for conveying heavy equipment both off and on road. Available in both 8X6 and 8×8 wheel drive with Its unique drive and rear steer system, it has superb traction and manoeuvrability.

Drive to the rear trailer tandem bogie is taken from a ‘through-drive’ axle on the rear of the tractor unit, by a drive shaft system, providing permanent all-wheel drive to the semi-trailer, at constant velocity and at all speeds. The steering action of the tractor unit is transmitted to the trailer bogie through the drive shaft support system, pivoting the bogie on its turntable mounting this action maintains the constant velocity drive-line and enables the trailer to track closely with the tractor.


As can be seen from the above pictures the system allows exceptional articulation enabling the driven wheels to maintain traction over the severest of terrain. This together with the wide spread of traction ensures sure-footedness even in the poorest of under foot conditions, grip is maintained.

For higher capacity loads the Multidrive can be constructed to tow a low loader trailer. In this configuration the prime mover remains agile, retaining all wheel drive and rear wheel steer.