Driven Trailer – Forestry

Multidrive Driven Full Trailer ‘Flexible Frame’

The Multidrive ‘Flex Frame’ is a unique system that allows drive between a rigid truck and full trailer, allowing for 8×8, 8×10 and 10×10 drive configurations.

In forestry this system is for use transporting billet timber over severe terrain where exceptional oscillation is required between the tractor and trailer unit.


The Flex-Frame coupling system delivers a drive from the rear tractor through-drive axle to the leading tandem trailer axle. When compared to a rigid vehicle of similar proportions this system dramatically improves mobility, manoeuvrability and agility.

In addition to allowing drive to the trailer unit, the design also enables:

  • Unlimited oscillation between tractor and trailer, which improves wheel to ground contact, enhancing traction
  • 50 degrees up & down
  • 50 degrees side to side
  • 360 degrees rotation
  • Smallest 17M turning circle in its class achieved with only one steer axle and minimum ‘cut in’
  • Increased axle spacing giving a wider spread of traction
  • Enhances lateral stability in all yaw and pitch circumstances
  • Safe high speed characteristics
  • Lower overall chassis stresses – minimizing chance of load or chassis fracture
  • All wheel drive torque split, with cross and longitudinal axle differential locks
  • Easy disconnection
  • Easy maintenance
  • Utilises standard vehicle steering
  • Legal and safe throughout the total use spectrum

This system can be applied to drive a full trailer with most ridged 4×2, 4×4, 6×4 and 6×6 wheel drive vehicles.